10 MEST Community Members Share their Favorite #MESTMoment

Sylvana Lewin, Thursday March 8th 2018

This year marks 10 years since MEST launched in 2008, and that means 10 years of memories. We’ve had ten classes of MEST entrepreneurs, over 60 international fellows, and expanded our footprint across the continent. This week MEST fellows, founders, and EITs shared their favorite #MESTMoments with us!

Bet Buy Barter

“BBB. It was the first experience we had when we first came in. You come into the program and you’re given a small amount of money and told to find something to do to increase the money you have. We were divided into teams, but we didn’t even know each other! From that experience, I learned a lot even just about Ghanaian culture when it comes to business.” - Winnie Akoko, Anitrack, from Kenya

Final Pitches

“Final Pitches! From the pitch rehearsals to when we gave the final delivery of the capstones we had been tirelessly working on.  As teams come on with mixed feelings and a little confidence, there’s an energy in the room made up of a mix of brilliant people from different walks of life patiently waiting to hear the next big thing to happen in tech.  Listening to and cheering on the teams who await the feedback on their ideas from Jorn and the guests, to have experienced this was really thrilling for me.” - Lady-Omega Hammond, Ampersand, from Ghana

MEST Day Out

“MEST-Day-Out is by far my favorite memory of the entire program. Twice, the entire community went to the Palm beaches of Ada Foah, on the Southeastern Coast of Ghana. This was a great time to reflect, have fun, and reenergize for the semester. In many ways it was a reward for many months of hard work on capstones and presentations. We often do the same at Kudobuzz to keep us relaxed and focused on our goal.” - David Tetteh, Kudobuzz, from Ghana

Guest Lectures

“I would say the guest lectures. In one year, I attended more guest lectures than during all my previous learning experiences. I would always look forward to knowing who the new guests were, what they were working on, and their individual journeys.” - Kelvin Wachira, BidiiBuild, from Kenya

[caption id="attachment_6530" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Facebook CPO Chris Cox gives a Guest Lecture at MEST[/caption]

Company’s First Client

“My favorite memory was when we got our first client. I couldn’t believe that we had built a software that someone was willing to pay for. I remember I couldn’t sleep that night. I was just reminiscing and thinking about the whole experience. I kept thinking if this keeps on happening, then in the next few years our company could be a multimillion dollar company.” - Patrick Ohemeng Tutu, Asoriba, from Ghana

Coding Class Inspiration

“Several days have been memorable in different ways. However, there was this one time during a class on python when the Tech Fellow, Francis, gave us data to mine and I was able to fix it on my own. It inspired me to keep coding.” - Dare Odumade, EIT, from Nigeria

Receiving Seed Funding

“My favorite memory would have to be my team and I jumping on a skype call with Jorn and having him tell us that he was giving us $50 000 of funding to stop school and go over the bridge to the incubator and start our company. That was the best moment. It was a life-changing moment. I will never forget it. I still remember that call vividly.” - Kamil Nabong, Entrepreneur-in-Residence, MEST Incubator Accra, from Ghana

First Company Dollar

“At the Incubator my favorite memory is when we received our first dollar. There’s no feeling that can compare to getting the point where your product is out there, working, and someone is satisfied enough to give you their dollar to use it. It’s a great feeling. And it serves as a great motivating factor to keep going.” - Christian Osei-Bonsu, SynCommerce, from Ghana

My First Pitch

“At MEST so far, my first pitch was my most memorable moment. I was very nervous, but I went through it. It was some sort of validation. If you go to my Twitter, the cover photo is an image of a performance stage and lights. Public speaking isn’t my forte so getting through my first pitch meant a lot.” - Tshepo Morabane, EIT, from South Africa


“Hands down, graduation. That entire week and weekend was probably one of the most memorable moments for me, not just from my time in Ghana, but ever! The energy was amazing, the vibe was positive, and it was great to see the EITs just celebrate and let loose.” - Jakub Byc, Incubator Fellow, MEST Incubator Accra, from Canada

[caption id="attachment_6529" align="aligncenter" width="500"] MEST Graduation 2013[/caption]

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