3 African startups to pitch tonight @MPA 2012 - Barcelona

MEST, Monday February 27th 2012

Tonight in Barcelona, at the 6th annual Mobile Premier Awards,  the top 20 global apps from the AppCircus 2011 World Tour will pitch live for the 'best app of the year' award.

For the first time, out of the 47 AppCircus World Tour winners from 26 countries, 3 are from Africa (Ghana, South Africa and Uganda). Here's some information on these 3 startups.

Saya (Accra, Ghana) - Based in Ghana from the MEST Incubator, Saya is a group messaging application that works on feature phones with internet access. "With Saya, the cost of SMS can be cut down up to a 1000 times". Saya connects users with their phone contacts and Facebook friends. Currently, the application works on J2ME enabled phones, Blackberries and Androids.

Moraba (Cape Town, South Africa) - A mobile quiz adaptation of a popular Southern African board game. The game adds a quiz element that allows users to answer questions about gender based violence – and in doing so educates and empowers the user.

Mafuta Go! (Kampala, Uganda) - Very simply, the app helps its users find the cheapest and nearest petrol station, to combat vast price differences between petrol stations in Uganda.

From Ghana, we're obviously very excited about this news and wishing these teams the very best! :)

On twitter, you can follow the event using #mpa2012