Andrew Anampiu Gives Inside Insight to Moringa School

Sylvana Lewin, Thursday December 21st 2017

Andrew Anampiu is a trainer at MEST partner, Moringa School. In September, he spent five weeks at the MEST Accra campus facilitating Moringa’s successful inaugural Accra Prep coding bootcamp class. Come January, as a result of a broader partnership with MEST, he will be heading to Cape Town to share the world class Moringa experience at the MEST Incubator Cape Town.

Andrew took some time with us to share his thoughts on his experience teaching in Kenya and Ghana, how the Moringa teaching experience compares to others, and why he cannot wait to make Moringa classes available to aspiring technologists in several African countries.

Describe yourself.

I am a Technical Mentor at Moringa school, which means I get to teach people how to write code. Before Moringa school, I was at Moringa as a student for about 6 months. I have always had a mantra like that of MIT (hand and mind), and that gave me a love of building software, but also tools or “things” that people can not only use, but experience. That can also be translated into crafting students’ minds at Moringa.

How long have you been with Moringa School?

It’s been one year now as a staff member and one and a half years as a student.

How does the Moringa School teaching format compare with other training programs, like, say Coursera?

The amazing thing about teaching at Moringa is the community and support. There is always a sense of immediacy in the support system for both students and staff members, and that is crucial in whether a student will stay at Moringa or not.

How was it teaching the inaugural Moringa class in Accra?

Dare I say amazing; it was very interesting being around a whole different environment from Moringa in Kenya. The students in Accra are hungry for this knowledge; it brings a sense of need having this whole Moringa thing going that you don’t see until you make the trip.

What was your most memorable moment from the class?

One morning as I was heading to class, I got a message on my Slack from a student. He was explaining why he was late and said that he was helping his pregnant goat give birth. It was both hysterical and witty because such a reason was novel to me.

Why do you believe Moringa is the best way to learn about technology?

Moringa is all about “do!”. Not only do we teach relevant skills that the students need, we also have them practically apply those skills, a trait that is extremely important in today’s market. This, I think, is the best way to learn any skills - by doing. Not only is our curriculum project based and learning driven, we also tap into peer learning, a powerful tools where students learn and share knowledge with each other.

Anything specific you are looking forward to when you roll out the first class in Cape Town next year?

I hear Cape Town is beautiful - looking forward to that. I am also eager to see what the students build with this knowledge that we teach them. I’m expecting out of this world solutions to problems we have.

If you are interested in learning programming from teachers like Andrew, apply for Moringa School classes being offered at MEST today! Apply for the Cape Town class starting January 22nd here! Apply for the Accra class starting January 15th here!