MEST, Friday February 25th 2011

Yesterday, NandiMobile, a start-up from the MEST Incubator won a“Best Business” award at the LAUNCH conference in San Francisco, in competition with almost 100 Silicon Valley start-ups! While other start-ups won bigger awards, the “Best Business” award is nevertheless a huge win for everybody at the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (MEST).

About the 'LAUNCH' conference

The LAUNCH conference is a platform for new start-ups to showcase their products and services to an 'early adopters' community. The conference also provides opportunities for already launched companies to showcase new products. This year, from the 23rd - 24th of February 2011, the conference hosted close to 100 start-ups from around the world, showcasing their ideas and products at the San Francisco Design Center.

I was moved and so incredibly proud to see Anne and Edward up on stage in front of everybody presenting their product Gripeline , to a panel of judges, including Chris Sacca, and an audience of hundreds!  Gripeline, is a customer support service that allows customers of companies to send feedback, comments and questions to companies using their mobile devices.

I was nervous myself and felt my heart beat a little faster when they walked on stage, but throughout their presentation they both showed a lot of confidence and made all of us proud!

RetailTower and Streemio, also start-ups from the MEST Incubator, represented MEST and Ghana in style, showing the Silicon Valley crowd that software can be made ANYWHERE!

GREAT JOB GUYS and congratulations to the MEST Team!

Jorn :)