Dear MEST Community

MEST, Thursday June 4th 2020

Dear MEST Community, 

Yesterday, MEST alumni, Kelechi Udoagwu, shared on Twitter that she was sexually harassed by CEO of Tizeti Network, Kendall Ananyi.   

MEST has zero tolerance for sexual harassment and have strict policies in place to support this. Yesterday, once we learnt about it, we reached out to Kelechi to make sure she knows she has our full support. Kelechi is widely respected in the West-African tech eco-system and an alumni we are very proud of. We stand by her courage to come out and speak against the harassment.

We would like to clarify that Mr. Kendall is not associated with MEST in any way. He is not and has never been an employee of MEST, and he was not engaged by MEST to mentor any of our students. He did speak at an event at MEST in 2017.

We stand by Kelechi and are ready to support her through this.