Dropifi wins at Start-up Weekend Accra

MEST, Thursday November 24th 2011

The winning idea from #SWAccra

A total of 8 teams pitched last weekend at Accra's first Start-up Weekend hosted by the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology, following an intense weekend with 8 teams working on building minimum & viable prototypes, conducting customer development activities, validating their ideas, market research and sustainable revenue models for their ideas.

Finally, the jury decided on Dropifi, and my guess for how the team won (from the their pitch) is probably the team's ability to build a minimum & viable prototype and signing on a sizeable number of beta testers willing to pay for a working product. Pretty impressive work over only 54-hours!

How Dropifi works

Dropifi is replacing the traditional ‘Contact Us’ forms (which work like e-mails) on websites with a simple message box for users, providing website owners with a dashboard from which they can manage contacts.

The team is providing value for website owners (both corporate & individuals) with a 'contact us' pluggin and the main value here is a dashboard from which the website owners get a bigger picture in the form of analytics of who is contacting them, what topics are trending and additionally a tool to manage comments and feedback.

As the winning team, Dropifi gets...

  1. Entry to the Global Startup Battle, the winner of the Global Startup Battle will  then have a slot at the DEMO Asia conference in their Startup Showcase.

  2. Dropifi also gets to make a video pitch to a Silicon Valley investor for potential funding.

  3. A special one year package from

  4. A laptop from HP.

  5. SMS marketing products and services from SMSGH for a year.

  6. An introduction to Ghana Multimedia Incubation Center, the Ghana Venture Capital Trust Fund and Ghana Angel Investor network.

  7. And finally a $200 Amazon web services voucher.

Kudos to team Dropifi and best wishes at the Global Start-up Battle!