Ghana: 2011 Mobile tech trends to watch out for

MEST, Monday February 28th 2011

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Beginning January 2011, I was curious to know what mobile tech trends we were likely to see emerging on the Ghanaian market. So I tweet the question ‘what mobile tech trends should we expect to see in Ghana, 2011?’ And here are some of the responses I gathered:

@Kwabena, owner of ‘proud to be Ghanaian’ website suggests mobile banking and mobile money transfer systems will catch up in 2011, seeing the success of Safaricom’s m-pesa in Kenya, and the launch of MTN’s mobile money and Airtel’s zap here in Ghana. Kwabena also predicts a rising trend in the sale of smart mobile devices through telcom companies in Ghana, case in point: Vodafone Ghana now offering blackberries and Samsung’s galaxy tabs. He also asks, ‘are we also going to see more telcos offering customers mobile devices on contract plans?’ as Airtel did in the past.

@just2izy (Nana Kwabena Owusu) owner of the 233Tech blog asks: ‘Will android grow in Ghana?', he also predicts an increase in data based services from Ghana’s telecom companies.  And he asks the BIG question! 'Will the Nigerian based telecom company Glo launch, after almost two years of advertising on the Ghana market?'.

@Gwumah believes we’ll see a rise in mobile instant messaging (uese of BlackBerry messaging, WhatsApp, etc), increased social media usage and as a result leading to more demand for smart phones.

@DotKwame (Kwamena) & @gamelmag (Gameli) suggest SMS based services and an influx of smart phones would be worth noting.

@TonyBallu also believes it’s the going to be the year for mobile payment  and mobile health systems.

@nanasarpong, founder of Nkyea Learning Systems predicts increase in social media usage, mobile internet usage and as a result a general demand for better 3G network coverage by mobile subscribers in the country. Nana also expects more tech based seminars and meet ups.

Still curious, what are you expecting to see this year?