Guest Post: Announcing the Dropifi Contact Plugin for Wordpress!

MEST, Tuesday November 27th 2012

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Dropifi wordpress plugin[/caption]

Like eCommerce stores, all businesses with online presence are looking for ways to easily engage their site visitors and gain insight into their interactions on the sites.  We are extremely delighted to announce the official release of the most versatile, engaging and time-saving contact widget on WordPress.

Today, WordPress powers 14.7% of the top million websites in the world and we are making it super easy for businesses on this fast growing publishing platform to benefit from a whole new experience delivered by Dropifi in customer engagement.

Here are some benefits Dropifi delivers to your business:

1. Increase in lead generation/contacts by 69%

2. An improved way to gain insight and make better business decisions

3. Quick and prompt responses leading to more repeat business

4. A tool to predict future behavior of prospects and customers by examining trends and topics

5. An easy way to target profitable marketing campaigns and prospects

6. Guaranteed retention due to a clear understanding of customers

7. Great reviews and word-of-mouth recommendations
With the plugin, users can install and customize Dropifi’s intuitive contact widget without touching the code. The system also features the most advanced yet user-friendly interface through which site owners can quickly respond to incoming messages, see incoming message trending data in relation to industry metrics, see the demographic and social media profiles of the message senders and analyze the real emotions behind the messages they receive.

With customers as the most important assets, Dropifi’s great customer engagement on your site is a must-have for customer satisfaction, loyalty and understanding. Download the plugin here and leave reviews to help us make the service work better for you.

Post by:

Kamil Nanbong (Business Development @Dropifi)