Interview: Saya's solution to cross-platform mobile group messaging

MEST, Monday February 20th 2012

Video interview: Robert Lamptey, CEO Saya Mobile talks to Thorgeir Einarsson, founder at Afriversity from South Africa.

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Image by: Saya[/caption]

This evening (20th February, 2012) in Ghana's capital city, Accra, an all new group-messaging platform for the java, android and blackberry platforms will be launched!

'A 1,000x cheaper than SMS', Saya is a free cross platform chat application that supports group and individual messaging using the user's phone contacts and facebook contacts. Saya was founded by two graduates from the meltwater entrepreneurial school of technology (MEST) Robert Lamptey and Badu Boahen.

In this interview, Robert, CEO at Saya talks to Afriversity founder Thorgeir Einarsson about building a mobile messaging service for the African market. Enjoy the interview and your comments are welcome :)

Robert Lamptey from Saya on Vimeo.