Introducing MEST Accra NewCo 2018

Sylvana Lewin, Wednesday September 19th 2018

The MEST Incubator Accra is excited to welcome four new innovative startups to our portfolio this September! Following successful final pitches, BACE Group, CodeIn, Jumeni, and Truckr all received seed funding and will join us at our Accra location.

BACE Group transforms customer experience in banking with advanced KYC

Founded by Ghanaian Samuel Mensah, Ivorian Charlette N’Guessan, Nigerian Arinze Christopher, and Ivorian Cedric Attiembonon, BACE Group is a FinTech company that provides digital services to financial institutions. The team is revolutionizing customer experience through their application programming interface (API) which secures client identity and KYC data via OCR and facial recognition technology.

Discussing BACE Group’s products and the potential of data, CEO Samuel Mensah stated, “Ghana has quickly transitioned into a new age where every data point knowable is a key factor of success in doing business, and for every business operating in the country, knowing your customer has become mission critical.” Mensah and his team believe that by creating an app that can become a single source of identity data, they can also create an avenue for improved identity protection.

[caption id="attachment_7340" align="aligncenter" width="665"]BACE Group team BACE Group team[/caption]

BACE Group hopes to change customer experience, starting in the financial industry, by helping banks improve their on-boarding processes. Asked how BACE Group is going to revolutionize banking, Mensah explained,

“When a customer walks into a bank, we will preemptively find answers to questions about who that customer is, and let the bank know immediately, for example, things like the customer's name, what product the customer is subscribed to and what kind of service the customer is to be provided. If you're an institution powered by BACE, customer experience with your brand will forever be redefined.”

Codeln will help you hire your next software developers.

Founded by Nigerian Elohor Thomas, Kenyan Philisiah Mwaluma, Ivorian Dexter Ouattara, and Kenyan Dennis Ruhiu, CodeIn is an end-to-end Technical Recruitment Platform which handles talent sourcing, has created an innovative method of testing tech skills, and offers online interviews. The team is working to ensure that companies can easily access quality software developers.

As the IT industry grows in Africa, more and more companies are building software solutions to solve local and international problems. CodeIn CEO Elohor Thomas has seen first-hand how the need for the services of software developers in Ghana has risen. She explained, “CodeIn is here to ensure that skilled tech talent is matched to the right jobs and that companies are able to find developers with good technical fit.”

[caption id="attachment_7341" align="aligncenter" width="665"]CodeIn Team CodeIn Team[/caption]

Jumeni streamlines field operations, starting with waste management

Founded by Ghanaian Eyram Amedzor, Kenyan Kevin Gawo, and Ghanaian Emmanuel Oduro, Jumeni provides waste management companies with a tool that will allow them to schedule and monitor their field operations in real time, as well as easily accept payments from customers.

CEO Eyram Amedzor believes there is massive opportunity in the field management industry in Ghana, but it has yet to fully utilize technology to optimize field operations. The team is starting with the waste management industry, which has been operating in the same way for decades. Amedzor explained, “Private contractors are employed by the government to take care of both domestic and industrial waste, which is then either dumped or recycled.”

[caption id="attachment_7368" align="aligncenter" width="665"]Jumeni Team Jumeni Team[/caption]

As the current system is quite manual with little visibility into field operations, Amedzor and the Jumeni team believe they can bring significantly greater levels of efficiency to the industry through their new technology. Amedzor stated of his hopes to revolutionize the industry, “Our aim is to reduce our customer's cost of operations and increase their revenue by up to 50%. As a tech company with a solid product built according to the industry's standard, we intend to revolutionize the waste management, and subsequent, industries by introducing new and efficient ways of running field operations to improve service delivery for many across the country.”

Truckr tackles real-time tracking of truck deliveries in Ghana

Founded by South African Tshepo Morabane, Nigerian Chiamaka Nwosu, and Ghanaian Caryl Akonor, Truckr provides a truck/heavy duty machinery booking platform that enables real-time tracking and communication between shippers and drivers/truck owners. The team is committed to providing structured and secure technology solutions for load owners and trucking companies.

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