Kawa Moka Comes to MEST

MEST, Monday September 25th 2017

No startup space is complete without a healthy dose of caffeine to fuel innovation. MEST is proud to introduce our official cafe, Kawa Moka!

Kawa Moka is a social enterprise coffee company and, as of last week, has been operating a cafe out of the MEST Accra Incubator. They will be serving sandwiches, pastries, coffees, and more. Accra Incubator General Manager Ashwin Ravichandran had this to say about the partnership, “It’s fantastic - a bite you know is going to create an impact!”

Founder Emi-Beth Quantson never expected to start her own coffee company. After graduating from university, she took a job working as an auditor and tax consultant at accounting firm Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC). After 4 years working in Ghana and two years in Kenya, Emi-Beth realized she just wasn’t satisfied. “I always felt I could do more. You save a company millions of dollars or hundreds of thousands of dollars and you’re like - there has to be more to life than just helping the big corporate world.”

[caption id="attachment_5460" align="aligncenter" width="700"] A barista making a cup of coffee at a Kawa Moka Cafe.[/caption]

A love of spaces and a job working as a program manager for Impact Business Leaders, a social enterprise program at Ashesi University, led to the conception of Kawa Moka. Much more than a coffee company, Kawa Moka is looking to make an impact on marginalized women. In the words of Emi-Beth, “The whole idea of Kawa Moka as a social enterprise is to hire these women, train them, and then move them forward into managerial positions as Kawa Moka expands”. Through the trainings and jobs with Kawa Moka, these women are not only receiving fair wages, but also important leadership and entrepreneurial skills that will carry on after their time with the organization. Kawa Moka is also seeking to give these women leadership training and managerial skills through partnerships with the incubators where their cafes are located.

Asked what inspires her to continue this enterprise, which she admits can be incredibly challenging at times, Emi-Beth says simply, “Seeing the difference you make in people’s lives.” She hopes that she will be able to continue doing this for years to come as Kawa Moka grows to impact more and more women.

Find your daily dose of caffeine at the cafe located in the Incubator kitchen.  Welcome to MEST, Emi-Beth!