What It Was Like to Experience a MEST Graduation (from a Meltwater Employee)

Jasmine Cheema, Wednesday August 3rd 2016


Jasmine Cheema is a Senior Growth Executive for Meltwater India and lives in New Delhi. Because of her sales results at Meltwater in 2015, she was selected as one of Meltwater's Global Top 10 Salespeople (which is the Top 10 in every region around the globe).

Every year the Top 10 Salespeople at Meltwater convene together for a celebration, which has taken place in many locations across the globe.
For the past 2 years, Meltwater has hosted the Top 10s in Ghana at MEST during our graduation, guest lectures and investment pitch weekend. Below you'll hear firsthand about Jasmine's experience. Enjoy!

After attending a few of Meltwater’s core events (Kick Offs, Golden Key, and Quarterly Reviews), and visiting Meltwater offices, I must admit that my trip to Ghana will be the most memorable of them all, as it gave me more insight into what Meltwater is as a company beyond our sales figures, and how we have impacted the African market by empowering entrepreneurs who are capable of making an impact internationally.

The Graduation started with  the Meltwater Top Ten teams from around the globe arriving at the Mensvic Grand Hotel in the morning to be greeted by very sharply dressed Entrepreneurs in Training (EITs). After we all settled in the conference room of the hotel, along with the industry veterans that had also arrived to evaluate the pitches, the day’s events began with some really inspiring business ideas and pitches. They were truly of an international standard, and it was easy to see how they would make an impact on the African market.

After the presentations, it was up to Jorn and his advisory committee to make a final call on the funding and ensure that the best ideas “crossed the bridge” to the MEST Incubator. I must admit that most of my favorite companies got the funding :) All of the Meltwater Top Tens were then sent back to the hotel to quickly to dress up for the graduation and on our way back I remember all of us pitching each other the reasons why our favorite business plans should get funding; surprisingly, most of us were aligned on the best pitch.

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The Meltwater crew then arrived at the MEST Campus to attend the graduation ceremony. Even though the weather was gloomy, the spirits of our EIT’s were sky high and no rain could put down the morale of these young entrepreneurs. The ceremony started with some very empowering speeches given by Ekua Odoom (former MEST MD), Todd Holcombe (Senior Faculty), and, of course, Jorn. It was really encouraging and heartwarming to see the energy of, not only the students, but also the kitchen ladies and MEST team who were equally excited for the graduates to go into the real world and make a difference.

Once the certificates were given to all the graduates, the celebrations started with a marathon of pictures to capture every moment of this special day. The Meltwater Top Tens also had time to interact with all the graduates, along with their parents, and then we went to explore the famous MEST campus. The one thing that really stood out for me was the motto for MEST, which is “GPS – Generosity, Positivity and Standards” and it was something that you could sense throughout the campus, whether it was the current students, the graduates or the MEST Alumni — everyone believed in this motto.

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Soon after the graduation ceremony, the graduating class of 2016 had organized a very special dinner for the Meltwater Top Ten. We quickly dressed for the occasion and got into our bus en route to the dinner location, where we enjoyed a wonderful meal and also learnt how to master the “AZONTO Dance moves” with some very thorough training by the graduates. The celebrations soon continued over to the Reggie Rockstone’s office for an after party, where we again showcased our hidden dance talents and had some very interesting chats with the current faculty, students, graduates.

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Can’t wait to be back next year!