Mainone partners with MEST to provide high speed internet to entrepreneurs

Nosa Omusi, Wednesday December 5th 2018

Recently, MEST Incubator Lagos sealed a significant partnership with MainOne, West Africa's major connectivity and data services provider. Through the partnership, MainOne will provide the incubator with high-speed internet connectivity through  MainOne's extensive fiber network.

With a reputation for providing first-rate internet service across West African markets, MainOne is also beginning to emerge as a major enabler in the Nigerian startup ecosystem. MainOne had previously been responsible for bringing internet to Yaba, the epicenter of Nigeria’s thriving startup ecosystem. That drive has now expanded into the Ikoyi area of Lagos with the MEST Incubator.

[caption id="attachment_8212" align="aligncenter" width="665"] MainOne CEO, Funke Opeke and other staff at MEST Incubator Lagos.[/caption]

The impact of this partnership is immense not only for the vibrant and fast growing incubator community, but also for technology startups who have come to find the incubator a great place for meetings, high quality learning events and strong networking opportunities.

In the brief period since MainOne's high speed internet has come online, the staff and community of the MEST Incubator have spoken highly of the service.

According to Vishal Verma, business fellow at the MEST Incubator, "As a startup mentor I've always believed that investment in people is just as important as the infrastructure that enables them. You can't hope to turn out great entrepreneurs and companies with average infrastructure. This is where MEST companies benefit immensely from a great co-working facility that offers high speed internet powered by our partner, MainOne."

Ayo Dawodu, founder of MEST portfolio Company Loystar also had this to say: "As a company with a remote team, having hi-speed internet readily available for conference calls and high bandwidth tasks is critical to our productivity. MainOne 's internet service has been able to immensely  improve our operational productivity.”

[caption id="attachment_8213" align="aligncenter" width="665"] MainOne CEO with members of the MEST Community[/caption]

There is no doubt that startups in the Nigerian space are faced with many challenges. As incubators and hubs such as MEST strive to help entrepreneurs navigate some of the issues they grapple with, the continued support of corporates like MainOne that share our mission of supporting the continent’s entrepreneurs, provides an assurance that when organisations work together, we can create a smoother road ahead for Africa’s startups.

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