MEST Companies Attend Enpact in Berlin

Sylvana Lewin, Tuesday September 25th 2018

Every year, Enpact runs an eight month long international Startup Mentoring programme that combines traditional one-on-one mentoring with unique learning opportunities in groups with entrepreneurs from around the world. The program invites 20 entrepreneurs from West Africa and 10 entrepreneurs from Europe each year. In the past, the CEOs of MEST Portfolio Companies Tro Tro Tractor and Ghalani have participated in the highly selective program. This year, five of the MEST Incubator Accra founders were selected, kicking off recently with a camp in Berlin.

CodeIn CEO Elohor Thomas, Joluud CEO Luqman Musah, Aidahbot CEO Nancy Ewurum, DevLess CPO Julius Odai, and BidiiBuild CEO Kelvin Wachira will  participate in the mentorship program over the next 8 months. They attended the recent camp in Berlin, which consisted of an intensive 5-day event featuring expert workshops, one-on-one mentor/fellow sessions, startup safaris, and more.

Founders attended workshops on a variety of topics ranging from the pursuit of dreams to widening perspectives on learning to business models. Not only this, but founders were able to participate in storytelling workshops; meetups with startups such as SunCrafter, a German startup that deals with portable solar microgrids; and more.

Musah was particularly struck by the workshop on dreams. He explained, “It made me understand that we don’t have to gather all the resources we need to chase our dreams, but we must start now because it won’t matter anymore if we die with our dreams.”

Another particularly popular workshop delved into learning styles and touched on leadership techniques. Ewurum emphasized that she believed that,”by learning and adopting the learning style appropriate for my personality type, I can significantly increase my productivity and achievements.” Already CEO of a company with some big awards under its belt, we’re excited to see what Ewurum can do with this lesson.

During their time in the MEST training program, these five founders intensively studied entrepreneurship, and they’ve been honing their skills as startup founders since the day they entered the Accra Incubator. Over the next 8 months, Enpact will provide the opportunity to receive additional mentorship and exposure to another fantastic entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Not only this, but their Enpact experience will provide yet another opportunity to interact with a a variety of entrepreneurs from diverse cultures and broaden their perspectives, the importance of which has been instilled in the MEST founders since their days as EITs.

When asked what he hopes to gain from being a part of the Enpact Mentorship Program, Wachira stated, “I look forward to learning from my mentor and the other fellows, getting challenged to become a better entrepreneur, and most importantly exceeding my company milestones by the end of the experience.”

October and November will bring visits from the mentors of these five founders and already there is anticipation in the air.

Are you interested in learning more about enpact? Learn more here!