MEST Students Win Awards at VOTO Mobile API Hackathon

MEST, Wednesday April 16th 2014

Two MEST teams won awards at the VOTO Mobile API Hackathon, a product development competition hosted at iSpace where developers had 48 hours to build something cool using the VOTO Mobile API.

VOTO Mobile Logo

The top prize in the Innovation Category went to  Osborn Kwarteng Adu and Samuel Ako for an application called Iris - an epidemic outbreak information and monitoring tool that allows people to both send in details of illnesses taking place, and receive information on assessing symptoms of illnesses.  The Iris team combined the VOTO voice platform with a text-in SMS system, allowing them to register subscribers even without a dedicated phone line.

The Social Impact Prize went to Gbeila Aliu Wahab for JobsGh, a voice-enabled jobs portal to connect employers and employees of blue-collar jobs.

All the winning teams received a GHS 1000 cash prize from VOTO Mobile, $200 in VOTO platform credit to expand their apps, souvenirs from VOTO and a discounted three-month membership at iSpace.