MEST Team Guest Post: nevaHold

MEST, Wednesday June 6th 2012

nevaHold is a company launched by a team of current MEST students.
the team graduates on Saturday 9th June after completing a 2 year software entrepreneurship programme. They are pitching to the MEST incubator board here in Ghana tomorrow, for potential funding and a space in the incubator. Wish them luck : )

nevaHold changing the face of customer service?
Do you remember those times when you needed support from a company, you probably would have had to send them an email, fax or make a phone call and that was enough to get a quick response from a company? Now, as with any technology, it reaches a time when without innovating, challenges that arise as a result of using that technology become so huge that users shift to newer and improved solutions.

Like the microprocessor, as the single core processors reached their practical speed limits, new multicore processors were developed to support the high performance user cases such as streaming high definition videos and visually rich gaming that the former could not handle well enough. As smartphone penetration and wireless internet speeds continue to rise, consumers are demanding higher standards of customer service from companies and therefore are switching to mobile and social media platforms that save them time when they request for product or service support.

Recent studies from the SpeechCycle and Echo Research showed that more than half of the 1,018 active US smartphone users interviewed indicated they would prefer using a mobile customer service app to resolve their product or service issues before calling a contact centre.

To help consumers get better support service, nevaHold, one of the startups from the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology 2012 graduating class takes a customer’s complaint and sends it to the company’s support channels. If the company does not reply quickly, the question is blasted to all of nevaHold’s social media channels and those of the company. Since companies are scared of bad brand reputation, this compels them to respond quickly and resolve complaints.

The link to nevaHold’s YouTube video below clearly explains how the service works.

Using nevaHold, it is possible to send a complaint to a company in less than a minute. “We developed the service because we are customer service fanatics, and we are tired of frustrating interactions with companies”, says nevaHold CEO Alexander Kena. It's fun to use, and designed to get companies to step up their game!