Mobile music streaming service launched in Ghana - first time ever!

MEST, Thursday December 15th 2011

Mobile music streaming from Ghana!

More exciting news coming from Accra, Ghana!

"It's been long coming! After two years of work, the Streemio team will give members of the entertainment and business press a peek at our service..." said Streemio, in the form of an update from the start-up's facebook fan page earlier this week.

Some background information on the start-up: Streemio was founded about 2years ago by Samuel Darko and Francis Ahose, both graduates from the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (MEST). The start-up is also seed funded by the Meltwater Foundation and currently operating from the MEST Incubator.

In attendance at the launch largely, were representatives from the press, entertainment industry, and the copyright association of Ghana. Importantly, there was also a section of the audience comprising  tech & software entrepreneurs from around Accra.

Streemio, a mobile music streaming service, is an  application downloadable for FREE on mobile devices with internet capability and decent multimedia features. The service provides users with free access to unlimited local and foreign music, from their favourite artistes on the go. As a revenue model, the platform seeks to make money by serving relevant ads to listeners.

Could Streemio be a possible game changer in Ghana?

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Yes! First within the radio advertising space and secondly the way music is used and shared currently in Ghana (please read details below). On Streemio’s quest to revolutionise advertising in Ghana, Samuel Darko (CEO & co-founder) says... "Because users decide what songs they listen to on Streemio, our testing showed much higher engagement than the other traditional advertising media, such as the radio (and currently there are about 200+ radio stations in Ghana)  where listeners have practically little or no interaction at all. This greatly increases the likelihood that an ad will elicit the appropriate response from the listener, resulting in higher value for advertising spend. Advertising campaigns on Streemio are highly targeted, ensuring that advertisers pay to reach only people that are targets for their products and services. In addition, Streemio provides advertisers with detailed real-time reporting on ad campaigns.

Brands and Communications Manager, Sadiq Abdulai Abu describes "Streemio as a platform that allows you to be your own DJ without the hassle of owning the music collection".  Apart from providing a new and exciting way of listening and sharing music, Streemio also wants to provide an alternative medium to advertisers and organizations, as it provides a unique way of reaching an audience within a target category of 13-35yrs or more who are 'heavy' music listeners and potentially have the means to support their needs.

Product features: Some additional features for users and advertisers:

  1. Users can create and share playlists

  2. 'Contact Me' allows listeners to contact advertisers directly

  3. 'Tip a Friend' allows listers to tip friends about ads their friends may be interested in

  4. 'Claim Discount' allow users to interact with the ads announcing discounts, as they are exposed to them.

The listed features above and a few more are aimed at allowing for engagement between advertisers and their audience, giving advertisers on Streemio more value for their advertising spend than on other currently available in the country. For music artistes, Streemio seeks to provide a platform to enable them  interact with their fans.

To address legal concerns over the use of work of artistes on the platform, Streemio pays royalty fees to artistes through the Interim Copyright Management in Ghana, and as a result making it easy for users to access and share music without breaching copyrights of the artistes.

What's next for Streemio?
Francis Ahose, co-founder & technical director Streemio, revealed that the team is working towards a public release of the service on the 23rd December 2011!, just a couple of days away :)

Overall, a very exciting press launch and the rest of the Meltwater family wishes Streemio the very best in the coming year. Congratulations!