How Moringa School is Leveraging MEST's Pan-African Network to Expand Across the Continent

ghost_okari, Friday December 8th 2017

MEST is excited to announce an extension of our partnership with Moringa School, a world-class learning accelerator seeking to provide young, talented Africans with digital and professional skills training. Moringa is leveraging MEST Africa’s Pan-African network to offer its technology training courses at MEST spaces in Accra, Lagos and Cape Town.

Moringa, which started operations in April 2014 in Nairobi, has expanded its offering in Hong Kong and Ghana, and recently launched in Pakistan through a partnership with the World Bank. The MEST partnership will enable the program to offer courses in West, and Southern Africa as it continues to expand across the continent.

Moringa first entered Ghana in September with an inaugural Moringa Prep class at MEST. With the return to Accra, and entry into Lagos and Cape Town, aspiring technologists will receive access to their 5-week prep and 15-week core coding programs and career placement services.

It begins on January 15th 2018 in Cape Town and Accra, is a five-week intensive program that introduces students to the fundamentals of programming, and covers topics like:

  • Bootstrap: a framework for easily creating user-friendly websites

  • HTML and CSS: web presentation and styling languages

  • Git: the tool programmers use to track code

  • Command line: the tool programmers use to interact with their computers

  • JavaScript: a web programming language

  • jQuery: a JavaScript library for making interactive web pages

Upon successfully completing Moringa Prep, students progress to Moringa Core. Core is a fifteen-week program where they dive deeper into the aforementioned programming languages, and select to focus in Android or full-stack development. Moringa Core in the two locations commences immediately the five weeks of Prep come to an end in February.

As a result of the market-driven content and learning experiences, 95% of Moringa School graduates have been successfully placed with reputable companies like Safaricom, Barclays, BRCK, Cellulant, and have recorded a 350% average salary increase after graduation.

You can submit your submit application for Moringa Prep classes that begin on January 15th via the links below.

Cape Town:


Classes in Cape Town will be offered at the MEST Incubator located at the Woodstock Exchange, 66 Albert Road, while the Accra location remains the MEST Campus – 20 Aluguntugui Street, Ambassadorial Enclave, East Legon.