"the need to be opportunistic when you're an unknown start-up..."

MEST, Thursday December 22nd 2011

As part of a series of interviews of young African entrepreneurs featured on the Afriversity network, based in South Africa - the Afriversity platform is "an open entrepreneurial ecosystem for African entrepreneurs to connect, learn share & thrive".

Blaise Bayuo, co-founder of RetailTower from the MEST Incubator talks to Thorgeir Einarsson, CEO and co-founder Afriversity about the need to be opportunistic when you are an unknown start-up from Ghana, and shares how he has gained customers from all over the world already for his e-commerce integration solution.

Special thanks to Thorgeir  and the Afriversity team for this content!

Hope you enjoyed this interview! Do you have any thoughts, comments? we are happy to share them with the RetailTower team :)