Norwegian Trade Minister Trond Giske visits MEST!

MEST, Tuesday November 22nd 2011

Monday 21st November, 2011, between 4:30pm and 5:30pm GMT, a delegation  from Norway visited the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology as part of the delegation's visit to Norwegian organisations in Ghana, following the official opening of the new Norwegian Embassy in Accra, Ghana.  The delegation (almost 20+ dignitaries) comprised of the Norwegian Trade Minister, Trond Giske, the new Norwegian Ambassador to Ghana H.E. Tom Tyrihjell and a few more dignitaries from the Norwegian business community and the Embassy.

Back in 2007, Norwegian entrepreneur Jorn Lyseggen, founder of the Meltwater Group, announced at a company event, an idea he had, to setup a school to train software entrepreneurs as a way to transfer knowledge, skills and experience from starting software companies. A year later (2008), MEST was established in Accra Ghana.  The Meltwater Group, the sole funder of MEST, was founded in 2001 in Norway with $15,000 and has since grown to a $100million business operating in over 50 countries. So we do have Norwegian roots :)

Fredrik Reff-Sydnes (Managing Director, Meltwater Foundation) welcomed the delegation to the MEST campus, starting with a briefing on the history and  mission of MEST: "creating wealth & jobs locally in Africa, by training and mentoring high potential Ghanaian graduates in software development & entrepreneurship to help them start their own software companies from Ghana targeting the global markets.

This was followed with a tour of the MEST facility, where Mr. Giske with his team met with some of the entrepreneurs-in-training (EITs) and interacting with them  concerning the training program, their current projects and future prospects...

Final but not least part of the visit, was at the MEST Incubator, where Mr. Giske engaged the startup fouders in discussions on their products and companies. The MEST Incubator is the second phase of the MEST program, where graduates from MEST with viable business ideas get seed funding, office space and mentorship to help take their ideas off the ground.

I must admit we had a good time, the day was a happy one for us at MEST and we feel very honoured by this gesture from Mr. Giske, H.E. Tom Tyrihjell and the rest of the delegation :). Best wishes to the delegation and we hope you visit again!