Playing Street Soccer!

MEST, Wednesday May 4th 2011

As a continuation to the previous post on Street Soccer, ‘Developing games from Africa’, this post focuses on tips you need to know when playing Street Soccer.

The massively multiplayer online turn-based game (MMOTBG) was developed on the concept of street soccer, in Africa.

After signing in and choosing opponents to play with, the player selects a strategy on how to attack an opponent, and a ‘strategy’ here means choosing how to move the ball from your defence to your opponent’s goal. Once the player selects a strategy, his opponent will receive a notification in the game or via email.

The opponent is now faced with the task of defending himself. To tackle the attacking player, he needs to predict his attacker’s strategy. The opponent can view his attacker’s Attacking History., which should help him anticipate which attack strategy they have selected. Upon a successful defence, the opponent is awarded points. Otherwise his attacker scores a goal. In turn, the opponent has to re-attack.

This game play continues for five rounds until the final winner is determined, i,e, the player with most goals.

To add to the fun, players don’t just play for goals, but for a chance to win cool virtual items which they can use to brag to other players. The most coveted item being the ‘Hood’ title cup, is held by the champion in a neighbourhood or ‘hood’.

Players shouldn’t get comfortable with their virtual items because other players can snatch them by challenging them to a match.

Some interesting upcoming features include tournaments where real-world items will be offered as rewards. Some of the items include movie tickets or lunch at your favourite fast food restaurant.

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