Primavera Pro Selects Qisimah as One of Top Five International Music Startups

Sylvana Lewin, Tuesday June 19th 2018

From the beginning, the global entrepreneurship community has taken an interest in MEST Portfolio Company Qisimah. The startup offers a radio content monitoring platform that provides key stakeholders in the music industry with real-time data in regards to their music. Already, they have won a World Summit Award, been honored by the Ghanaian Ministry of Environment, Science, Technology, & Innovation, and named as one of five startups changing the music industry by WIRED Italia.

Now, the company has also been selected as one of the top five international music startups worldwide by Primavera Pro Startups. An international investment forum of the music industry organized by Primavera Pro and Seed&Click, Primavera Pro Startups aims to boost entrepreneurial initiatives, promote national and foreign investment, and encourage commercial transactions and innovation in the music industry.

We spoke to Qisimah CEO Sakhile Xulu to learn more about what this most recent honor means for the startup and how the team is working to change the music industry.

What does it mean for Qisimah to be selected as one of the top 5 international music startups worldwide by Primavera Pro Startups?

Without getting too carried away, of course to be recognized by such a prestigious global music startup event is a fantastic milestone for us. We have set a massive goal of “why” for ourselves as a team, and such accolades motivate us tremendously as individuals. From an organizational standpoint, it has brought more credibility to our operation as we continue to strive for excellence. We now need to focus on transforming the great potential Qisimah has as company into actual results that will allow it to scale across the continent and the world.

The Qisimah team in Vienna with music industry legend Ralph Simon.

How is Qisimah changing the music industry?

The global music industry is a highly fragmented space, which means how music is distributed globally to listeners is fragmented through the multiple platforms listeners consume music through, including airplay. The lack of clear cut policies and standards within the global music industry has meant innovation has been slow to arrive within the greater industry. For example, in many parts of the world the infrastructure that enables musicians to be paid for the use of their work is still not in place.

We believe audio music files, like people, leave behind a rich trail of both digital and offline breadcrumbs, which if processed effectively can uncover patterns and insights that can help various stakeholders in the music industry make more prudent decisions.

We are a music consumption data company that strives to assist our customers to appreciate their music, audiences and the markets which they operate in by providing meaning to their data from all the multiple platforms which help market and distribute their music.

What are some of the major issues faced in the music industry today? How do you believe tech can help tackle these challenges?

As the music industry truly evolves into the digital age, our biggest fear from what we have observed is that most musicians are not evolving with it. How musicians made money 20 years ago is very different to the possible revenue streams musicians have available to them today, and we feel most musicians don't know enough to maximize their potential in regards to revenue. Simple and effective technologies like Google Search are enough to educate musicians on the various avenues available to them, and solutions like Qisimah can help them give meaning to their music consumption data from multiple platforms in order to enable them to make better business decisions when it comes to their careers.   

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