Qisimah, the new African software disrupting the music industry, wins the 2017 Most Innovative Start-up Award in Vienna!

Sylvana Lewin, Thursday April 5th 2018

Ghana, 5th April 2018 - Qisimah is proud to announce that it won the 2017 Most Innovative Start-up Award at the World Summit Awards (Vienna, March 26th).

Increased internet penetration and the rise of streaming services has brought African-made music to a global audience, increasing artist recognition and fanbase, as well as their digital sales.

Music consumption is exploding everywhere, and African music is becoming more profitable (IFPI report). In Nigeria alone, income in the music industry from consumer spending was predicted to reach $54 million in 2016 (PricewaterhouseCoopers Report). Now, thanks to revolutionary new African software Qisimah, the music industry is set to grow faster, and connect with even more people across the continent.

The Qisimah team in Vienna with music industry legend Ralph Simon.

Qisimah is a radio content monitoring platform that collects real-time music data as it plays on radio. From label CEOs and audio license providers to publishers and artists, everyone in the music industry can measure and collect valuable insights into how their music is broadcasted, consumed and appreciated.

Founder and CEO of Qisimah, Sakhile Xulu, recently returned from Vienna where he collected the company's prize for being the Most Innovative Start-up at the World Summit Awards. “It’s been an exhausting but exhilarating ride,” enthuses Xulu. “It was such an honour to be recognised on the global stage for the meaningful contribution we are making to African culture. We’re a fresh, young company, but we’ve already done enough to make an impact and garner attention, and this makes all our hard work really worth it.”

World Summit Award

Xulu has always been passionate about data and how it can be used to inform decision-making and strategic development. He shares interests, ideals and experience in broadcast with his Ghanaian co-founders Solomon Appier-Sign and Kofi Aboagye-Akyea.

They saw radio as an untapped stream; although still very popular, it had not been harnessed to gather the rich data that the internet offers.

During their time at the MEST entrepreneurial training program in Accra, the three co-founders started Qisimah (“well of knowledge” in Swahili) together and successfully raised seed funding.

With Qisimah, radio is not just a place where you can listen to your favorite song; it’s a rich feedback loop where existing clients get ecstatic about discovering the wealth of information that they can leverage for better promoting and profiling their artists.

Yielding the same results for both online and offline radio stations, the data offered up by Qisimah has helped clients re-strategize, plan and activate in geographic areas where musicians are underexposed.

Xulu’s international trips have yielded some very positive results, connecting him with a host of global startups and potential partners in Middle East and North America.  The plan is to eventually move into those territories and to increase the product offering to include radio advertisers by 2019.

But for now, Xulu is happy that Qisimah has not only been a success, but that its work has helped countless others succeed. “It’s amazing when all your efforts and planning bear fruit and you see your vision coming to life,” he smiles. “But more incredible is the impact that this very special platform is having on both artists and audiences. We’re helping the industry fine-tune itself and make stronger connections. And as long as we continue to elevate African music, we know we’re doing something right”.

About Qisimah:

Qisimah is the ultimate music consumption data company in Africa. We provide real-time monitoring and strategic analytics on radio content across the continent. Our platform allows key stakeholders in the music and advertising industries to monitor, evaluate and measure their music impact on the radio.

Built on a unique technology and deep insights, the platform is allowing the music industry to take greater control of their strategies. Over 60 users are now leveraging our services to better promote and profile artists. The company operates across the African continent – and is planning to expand around the globe by end of 2019.

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