Refocusing: talking about a revolution…

MEST, Tuesday September 13th 2011

4years ago...
When I first started working with MEST more than four years ago, and I told people I was working on a project in Africa, no one ever assumed I would be working with technological innovation. Instead, people associated Africa with humanitarian crises, agricultural societies, and overall lack of development.

The story today

Well a lot has happened since then…
In western media today, Africa is more and more frequently mentioned in the context of a growing market for consumer products and a bustling mobile industry. People are realizing that there must be something more to this continent with a population of over a billion. And as mobile penetration skyrockets and internet penetration is poised to follow suit, technology is becoming more important as a vector for economic development.

Some “Western” technology companies, such as Facebook and Google, have already established themselves as hugely popular amongst the younger populations in many countries across Sub-Saharan Africa, and these companies are beginning to realize the potential that these markets hold.

It is even more exciting to witness how certain Sub-Saharan technologies are “leap-frogging” comparable developments in the western world. A prime example of this phenomenon has been the amazing innovations we’ve started to see in the mobile banking, mobile payments, and mobile insurance industries.

Sharing the new story
At MEST, we are in the middle of this movement, and every day we hear news from different corners of the continent, new start-ups, new products and projects that we would like to share with you. This is the first post in a series that hopes to expose some of the more exciting developments in the African tech scene. It’s an industry in its infancy, but we’re excited about the rapid growth we see in the near future. In the following weeks we will profile different African regions and give an introduction to what we see happening in our industry. Next week we will start with Southern Africa, so stay tuned….

We’re also open to exploring topics that you, our readers, find interesting. So feel free to leave comments letting us know what we should be checking out.
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