Startup 101: From Idea to Launch

Sylvana Lewin, Tuesday April 2nd 2019

This article was contributed by Solomon Omani-Mensah and Richmond Bennah of The Pitch Hub Ghana.

By 2050, Africa will become the world’s most youthful continent. This means that a greater part of the workforce will be predominantly youths. Given that currently, 60% of Africa’s population is under the age of 25 years (Mills, Obasanjo, Herbst, Davis; Making Africa Work, 2017), it is important to equip this section of our populace with the relevant skills and knowledge needed for the continent’s future. This we believe will help them create jobs to curb the scaling unemployment on the continent as well as lead innovative transformations across African industries.

The business climate of developing countries like Ghana is quite dynamic and requires aspiring entrepreneurs to be prepared for just about anything. However, even before these businesses materialize into the million-dollar ventures we envision them to become, prospective entrepreneurs must be privy to the fine skills of survival that hardly any business school classroom teaches. It is for this reason that The Pitch Hub Ghana and MEST Africa have designed an entrepreneurial workshop to equip young entrepreneurs with the skills, knowledge, and resources to launch them into successful entrepreneurial careers.

‘Startup 101’ is an initiative targeted towards 0 – 3 year startups and young people who have business ideas. It seeks to equip participants with relevant knowledge, skills, and resources that will enable them to overcome the barriers involved in starting, scaling, and growing their businesses. At this workshop, participants will learn strategies that will help them build sustainable business models across growing competitive industries.  

Launching on April 27th at the MEST Incubator Accra, the first session in the series, ‘From Idea to Launch,’ shall focus on key foundational strategies and tools, which every entrepreneur needs to succeed in business. Thus, the topics to be covered in the first training session include:

  • Business Proposal Writing
  • Business Pitch & Fundraising
  • Book Keeping Skills

These three skills and tools are essential for the growth of every business. Business owners at the early stages must master these skills to help them in fundraising and managing business finances.  

Interested in launching your own business and getting tips from Pitch Hub Ghana and MEST Africa experts? Register to attend Startup 101 here!