Is your startup social? MEST Cape Town community conversations with Nazli Allie

Nazli Allie, Monday April 16th 2018

The MEST Incubator Cape Town is part of the Pan-African MEST community of entrepreneurs and innovators working within technology, venture capital, digital and media with the goal of bringing together the brightest minds in each field.

Community Conversations is a monthly meetup that focuses on topics chosen by MEST community members. The topic for March  looked at various social media platforms and how entrepreneurs can use them to their advantage, and it was presented by Nazli Allie - the newest addition to the MEST Cape Town team.

Social media: how to get started

More than 3 billion people use the internet today, and almost 80% of them are using social media. Social media is an effective marketing tool and is the best way to reach out and interact with online audiences.

The key to choosing which social media platforms to use is a solid understanding of who uses them.

Who are your audiences?

  • Facebook is used by 76% of adults and after launching Facebook live, the platform has seen over 700% growth in video views.

  • Pinterest is used by one third 0f adult internet users. This platform is used by over 72 million users and 71% of those users are women.  

  • Twitter has almost 319 million active users per month. About 80% of Twitter usage is mobile, this makes the platform ideal for local companies who want to engage with an audience on the move.

  • LinkedIn is the leading B2B social media platform. The network has members across 200 countries and is perfect for B2B businesses or personal brands looking for growth.

  • There are more than 800 million monthly users on Instagram. It’s a great way to engage with young, visual audiences, particularly in the millennial demographic.

  • Snapchat has over 173 million daily users, most of whom are under the age of 24. See stats here.

So, who makes up your audience? If you are creating visual content then Facebook and Instagram are good platforms to use. Do you want to increase your organic reach on Facebook? Then include videos content as part of your social media plan.

Is your primarily female focused? Then Pinterest is the platform you should be spending most of your time advertising on.

Once you have mapped out who your audiences are and you have studied their online behaviours, you can choose which of these platforms are best suited for you to reach out and engage your community.

Content is Key
“Be authentic and consistent when creating content.”

To save yourself time, create a schedule and map out important dates and events. It is important to maintain consistency in the content that you are pushing out so that users can rely on your information, products and services. This gives you time to create unique content, a time frame and build up for planned promotions and services.

Create a schedule that allows you space to share content from other users and to share relative, and news breaking events or updates.

Be deliberate about the content that you put forward. Think about content that will help you to achieve your social media targets. You can make use of key measurements to understand the interests of your audience and what they may find helpful from your online content.

Measure, Manage & Improve
“If you cannot measure you cannot manage.”

What are the metrics that are key to measuring your performance? What makes them want to reach out to you? Who are you to your community?

Track you daily, weekly and monthly activities and then compare them to find out what your audience is responding to. Research and make use of free analytic tools that will help you track your progress, use these to plan your next content plan.

Be the Change You Want to See
“Be authentic and create unique content.”

Identify accounts in your industry that are killing it! Share content that you find interesting and relates to your own content plan.  Create your own unique content that will spark conversation with your community.

Reach and Reach Out

Human beings are social creatures. We need to feel that our thoughts and opinions matter, that they are valued and are important. You have the opportunity to engage with your audience and make them feel a part of your special community.  Every like, every follow and every comment are all important.

Find a communication angle that works for you, one that is unique and adds value to your community and always be true to your brand identity.

Catch our next MEST Community Conversations in Cape Town on the 24th of April. Our next topic is Lifestyle Technology and will be hosted by Maximillian Kaizen. Find out more here.

See you next time!