The world's at MEST this week!

MEST, Tuesday August 2nd 2011

Earlier this week, new faculty for the 2011 / 2012 year at MEST arrive from all around the world to begin work with our Entrepreneurs-in-training (EITs)! So far its been amazing learning about all the diverse backgrounds and experiences each person brings to the table to help nurture Africa's new generation of software entrepreneurs.

This year's team represents countries from 5 continents! Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and the US.

From l-r: Fredrik Reff-Sydnes (Norway), Rich Tanksley (US), Jim Kaubisch(US), Marie Diop (Senegaal / UK), Rajoshi Ghosh (India), Kyle Doherty (US), Amma Baffoe (Ghana), Jonathan Li (US / China), Kevin Schuster (US), Michael Wilson (Australia) and Afua Antwi (Ghana). Other two not in this photo are Shiva Garg (India) and Maria Meier (Germany).

Look out for profiles on the MEST website soon :)!