From the Archives, Friday February 11th 2011

To be able to make a decision on a career path can be a very daunting experience for any fresh graduate. It was not any different in my case.  I was lucky enough to find two organizations that are very similar in their culture and goals, and have helped me mature into the professional I am today.

While pursuing my first degree at the University of Ghana, I was actively involved with the international students’ association AIESEC where I quickly became a vice-president of out-going exchange (VP-OGX). I had chosen AIESEC to develop my professional skills in international business that I hadn’t been able to accomplish through schooling. I was attracted to the group for the energy of its members, the amazing positivity towards “changing the world for the better,” and for the fact that everyone took work seriously but had fun in doing so.

After moving on from AIESEC, I was ready for something more challenging but in the same spirit. I then came across MEST, which I believe embodies the same ideals that I found compelling in AIESEC:

  1. Providing global platforms for students to develop their professional competencies.

  2. Promoting the opportunity to make a global impact even as an inexperienced student.

  3. Believing in people’s ability to accomplish extraordinary things when given the opportunity and the right resources.

Currently as the communications & university relations fellow, I am responsible for managing MEST’s online & offline communications and identifying graduates from Ghana’s universities who have aspirations to start their own global software companies such as the Meltwater :)

On a daily basis I interact with the MEST community and other prospective MEST trainees, in addition, one of the most fulfilling things I do here is interacting with our entrepreneurs who have had their own software companies funded through the Meltwater foundation - talking to them about their experiences as founders of software start-ups and using these stories to inspire prospective EITs (Entrepreneurs in Training). Together, I work with a very diverse team who come from around the world (Ghana, USA, Australia, Pakistan, Germany, The Nederland, Sweden and Norway) who also bring on board their experiences in software development and international business.

Much in the same way as AIESEC, my current role at MEST has given me fantastic experiences, but also developed me professionally in a number of ways.  Please stay tuned for part 2 of this blog post, “Communications Fellow: Lessons Learned,” where I’ll share some of my take-aways!


Post Submitted by:

Amma Baffoe

Communications & University Relations

Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology