Yesterday we saw the class of 2012 pitch their business ideas to a panel of judges, the acumination of a two year programme here at MEST. Congrats everyone you did a fantastic job!

The five teams of current EIT’s (Entrepreneurs in Training) pitched to an impressive panel. The panel consisted of:

Jorn Lyseggen, Founder and CEO, Meltwater Group, @jorn_lyseggen

Mike Butcher, European Editor TechCrunch, @mikebutcher

Rik Thorbecke, CFO Meltwater Group

Adam Jackson Founder,, @adamjacksonsf

Brian Flynn, Founder and President at Esplanade Partners, LLC


The five teams were:







Check out these companies and follow the action and conversations here.

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  1. George George says:

    How can I reach out to the winners?

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